Monday, September 20, 2010

Giant FCR 2 and

I lost my bicycle a few months ago. I was over-confident that no-body in Japan would steal, especially a not so good looking normal bicycle. I never locked it, and I felt confident that no-body would steal it, till such time I lost it, ... OK, till such time somebody stole it.

I bought a new cycle for Shanthi a couple of weeks back. The Beaute from bridgestone. It's a nice bike with a low center of gravity, obviously it's heavy, which directly equates to its stability. So, I did not have much trouble choosing it. I did put the extra seat for Solomon ;-)

The cycle is an actual beauty, the stand, is made for extra stability to bear the kid's weight, and the rear seat (carrier) is made to withstand the weight of a kid + it's seat... Besides the hand-bar has a lock which you can use for 100% stability when you park with heavy load in the front basket. Though it cost's around JPY 50K, including the child seat, it's worth every penny.

After buying it, we found out that Shanthi had lost touch riding a bicycle. So, I had to (re-)teach her to ride it, in doing so, I had to run behind her, while she was re-learning to ride. It was not fun. After about a week of practicing, she was riding well, if not perfectly well. So, there was no point in me running behind her.

So, after some thought, and hard look at our finances, we decided to buy a new bicycle for me, so that we can all go out together in eco-friendly bicycles. So, I looked up the internet for a right bicycle. I wanted a nice one, nothing less than 50K ;-) ... I was just kidding.

I just wanted a nice bicycle to go round, and after some research I bought the Giant FCR2, a 8.5Kg carbon beauty. I am yet to use it fully to write a review, but the first 2 days had been a pain in the ass, yes, the seat is very small, but it's a damn good bike when it comes to speed. I love it, except for the seat ~~


  1. Anonymous6:12 AM

    Nice to follow you here. I too bought a bike recently and was uncomfortable with the seat. My friend, an avid biker, recommends investing in bicycle shorts if you plan to ride it for long distances.
    Happy Biking.

  2. "I was over-confident that no-body in Japan would steal, especially a not so good looking normal bicycle." So naive of you! You will hardly find a foreigner in Japan who did not 'lose' his/her bicycle! You may take solace in what they say -that those guys 'steal' it not for the cash-value of it, but as a quick means of getting to a station or shop...!