Thursday, June 19, 2008

Matrix and total recall ... Now it may be reality

Today I was reading an article in the IEEE Spectrum , this article is titled "Reverse engineering the brain". Guess what they are trying to do, YES! they are trying to map a human brain. I use to work for a semiconductor company after graduating and heard from my manager that Taiwanese are good at reverse engineering ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuits). I thought it was just gimmick, or those people who can reverse engineer are way too good.

After reading the above article, it was interesting how close we are towards resolving many human issues like "mental depression", "loneliness", "stress", etc. using brain mapping. The future looks interesting. I will be more than happy if someone can transfer all the "Japanese Kanjis" into my brain. But, that said, I guess it might have a darker side to it too ...

Is scientific fiction yet another reality of the future. Are those fiction writers oracles. Recently I read a novel named "Alchemist" 「アルケミスト」(in Japanese) by Paulo coelho. It talks about omen 「前兆」, and how they become reality. Now I am left wondering, may be ... those fiction writer are in a way ... oracles.

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