Monday, March 24, 2008

All directions ...

It has been a while since I wrote my last blog. Recently there is a feeling, life is taking me in all possible directions. So I set out to find if this is just a feeling or otherwise.

One thing is for sure, my career is at cross-roads. I now know exactly how Robert Frost would have felt, when he wrote "The road not taken" ... It is scary. Yes recently I am into a ASIC design project, and it is a night mare.

Photography is taking me to new places, recently to the backyard in our appartments. I was able to snap some photos, which others thought were nice, but I feel there is scope for a lot of improvement.

Sports, Tennis has been in my mind for a looong time. Recently, I started playing tennis. Yes, after the teacher taught me, the first serve I served was in, with force. Everybody thinks that either, "I am lieing that I have never played tennis" or "I am a natural tennis player" ...

Recently I started trying sake (Japanese rice wine) again, and I am drinking a lot of them ... I am finding ways to stop it ..
The guy is Shin-chan (my tennis teacher ..) and his wife Rieko-san.

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