Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Great expectations ... American style

Its a couple of days since I wrote my last blog. I was busy with work.

Today I want to write about the effect of expectations on human beings. I was seeing CNN, as it was flashing the preparation to the US President (elect) Barack Obama's swearing in ceremony, it was about 5 hours to the occasion, but there was a sports count down timer, and lots and lots of camera's from various angles, and of all lots of people with enthusiasm and expectation were waiting to hear the words that the president will speak. I asked myself this question, why would so many people flood to see an inaugural ceremony? Is it because the US citizens love their president, or is it patriotism, or Obama’s charm, or is it the hatred towards Bush. I guess it’s probably all of the above with a tilt towards the last couple.

Now, as the economy is tumbling like a catamaran on a windy sea, and with industry’s and people’s confidence in batters, everybody needs confidence. Confidence to search for a job, spend, invest, live, … , for everything. Like everybody my confidence too has been at a historic low.

(Insurance) Companies going bankrupt, high profile frauds, stock market at a historic low. At a glance, it seems that I am not affected at all. I have never invested in stocks. But it seems that there is a lot of indirect effect on us, like for example our pension funds, less interest on fixed deposits, more interest on housing loans, etc. I am not an economist, but all these have had a blow on people’s confidence.

And whenever we are troubled beyond what we can tolerate, we try to seek help from a powerful source (for example, god), now Obama is probably god (like) to many Americans, especially blacks. For some reason, they take pride in him.

Personally, I like his oratory. I wish him all the best.

Most of times, high expectations leads to problems, and I only wish that the new US president will prove to the whole world that, cowboys no more occupy the Whitehouse.

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