Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Satyam's revelation

Indians for a long time equated non-governmental organization to instability. Inline with this, the top graduates from Engineering schools would always strive for a government job. It was and is highly competitive, except for the salary part. It was really surprising for me to see people just wanting to get a government job, due to the paybacks they can receive. The best part for these so called "government employees" is that they good girls (thanks to the arranged marriage system in India). Girls parents think that government jobs are the safest, bla bla ...

The confidence in private companies, like TATA, Infosys, Reliance, grew recently. To the point that banks started giving loans easily to employees of these private companies. But now ... with companies just going down ... now what?

People's confidence on wallstreet took a series of blows, we only wish Madoff's problem is the last. Recently I watched a speech by Vinodh Khosla and he mentioned the worst is not yet over, he thinks the "credit card debt" will also strike. No matter what, I do not understand the intricacies of this problem, but only know that the effect is not trivial.

I wonder how come countries go bankrupt, take iceland for example. In Japan, they showed a graphical representation of the global financial crisis created by the US. My feeling (though might not be correct) is that, the US people had a ball of a time with others money. Now check the image below, you can clearly see that the American government gets back all the money they pay to us for our services. Now isn't this great ...

Now when the world was sensing something fishy in Satyam computer, its chairman, Ramalinga Raju revealed the financial irregularities. Many of my good friends work for that company, it was and is a great company. It was one of the first Indian IT companies to extensively explore the Japanese market and has a huge Japan operations. Now, I thought of asking myself this question.

"Why would such (not so bad people) a person like Ramalinga Raju, Madoff and all. inflate things?"

These people are highly educated, they probably can visualize the consequences. I cannot imagine that they did this fraud (irregularities as it is called) to benefit themselves. Is it the investors, who create this quarterly results pressure. I guess something is not correct with the way the investors confidence has an effect on the company's stock and eventually the company.

This seems to be a time of reconciliation where the foundation of many companies seems to be weak or in the worst case non-existent. The world is now shaken, and it is time for those fundamentally strong companies to withstand this shakeup.

I always like the following lines from , King Arthur's Farewell
"Future seems dark and dreary ..."
But then he adds a bit of optimism by saying
"More things are wrought by prayer than what this world thinks of ..."

In these days let us be optimistic.

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