Friday, January 23, 2009

Somebody just read my blog ...

Recently some of my friends, including Harsha, Nanda, and Jeff, told me they were reading (following) my blog. So I got curious and installed a hit counter yesterday. The fun started after installing it,

I set the hit counter's initial value to its default, so that would mean a fresh start. I could have given some (random) value like 200 or something, or could have even taken a wild guess at the initial hit count. But I just wanted to start fresh. And so I reset it to ZERO, the default value. After setting up the counter, I went to my webpage (immediately) and checked the count. It was showing '1' (obviously my visit). And then after about a couple of hours, I went and checked again, it was showing '2' (obviously my second visit), now I was worried. NO-BODY bothered to check my website in about 2 hours. I felt like a shopkeeper who kept his store open, and no customers visited it. Off course, the things inside are free, and all that the customer needs is time. And then I checked the website in disbelief again and again till the count reached 7. And everytime I check, the count increases by 1. And it was always ME.

So yesterday I left the counter at '7', and said to my myself that I will have to just try harder and harder, and success does not come overnight. So today, that is about 18 hours since I installed a counter, I checked my page again. And wow! to my surprise, someone had just opened it. The hit count was '9' ... It was a really nice feeling ;-)

I just wish I can write more quality blogs ;-) which will be useful to the humanity.


  1. Not sure what happened to my previous comment...

    You can ignore your own visits on the site counter if you use a tool like by recording your IP address. I am not sure about Google's counter... maybe they will also have that option.

    Keep blogging! :-)

  2. cool,here's one visit from me:)